"What the butler saw ..."

a Murder Mystery party.



The Cast ...


   Agatha Eaton-Hogg                  Sir Douglas Eaton-Hogg       


    Georgette Michelle                          Oscar Hemmingway III    


  Sister Morticia Lewinskaya            Herr Schapps    


   Mary Lippe-Anstoldt                  Bunny Mandelson





The Plot ...

It is 1912 and a small party has gathered in London to celebrate the engagement of Bunny Mandelson and Agatha Eton-Hogg. The body of Mellors, the butler is found, with a revolver in his hand, a bullet in his head and a suicide note that says, "I have seen too much and can take no more........."


Whodunnit ???




(c) 1912 Bunny Mandelson

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